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Professor Sanchia ArandaPaul Grogan


Professor Sanchia Aranda is CEO of Cancer Council Australia and President-elect of the Union for International Cancer Control in Geneva, and regarded as one of the world’s pre-eminent experts in cancer control.

With more than 30 years’ experience in cancer control as a clinician, researcher, educator and health-system administrator, Professor Aranda is a former Deputy CEO at the Cancer Institute NSW and President of the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care.

From her early career as a Registered Nurse in New Zealand she specialised in cancer treatment and palliative care, completing a Bachelor of Applied Science, a Master of Nursing and a doctoral thesis in the nurse-patient relationship and psychosocial issues in palliative care. She has extensive experience in health-system administration and most recently was Director of Cancer Services and Information and Deputy CEO at the Cancer Institute NSW.

Widely published in Australian and international health literature, Professor Aranda holds academic appointments at the School of Health Sciences, University of Melbourne and the Faculty of Nursing, University of Sydney.

In 2013 she was named the 4th Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Distinguished Fellow for her contributions to cancer nursing.

As CEO of Australia’s peak non-government cancer control organisation, Professor Aranda is a strong independent voice on evidence-based cancer control. She is engaged in all fields of cancer from primary prevention through to survivorship and advanced care, and has a particular professional interest in improved ways to care for and support cancer patients.

She is a regular commentator on cancer issues in Australian media.

For an interview with Professor Aranda, please contact Cancer Council Australia's Media Manager on (02) 8063 4153.

Paul GroganPaul Grogan

Director of Public Policy and Advocacy
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Sydney Medical School (School of Public Health), University of Sydney

Paul Grogan has been Director of Public Policy and Advocacy at Cancer Council Australia for the past 11 years. Paul oversees the development and promotion of Cancer Council Australia’s cancer control policy resources and recommendations and is a regular media commentator on cancer and health issues in a public policy context. As well as overseeing the writing, peer-review and publication of Cancer Council Australia’s evidence-based policy resources, Paul leads the strategic work aimed at converting the organisation’s recommendations into government policy.

Paul is also an adjunct senior lecturer at the University of Sydney, where he has lectured for a number of years on health policy and public affairs.

Before joining Cancer Council, Paul was a media and policy adviser for a number of federal and NSW government agencies, including six years in public affairs with the Australian Department of Health.

For an interview with Paul Grogan, please contact Cancer Council Australia's Media Manager on (02) 8063 4153.

Professor Bernard W. StewartProfessor Bernard Stewart

Scientific Advisor

Professor Stewart is an internationally recognised expert in all aspects of environmental carcinogenesis (cancer causation), including the investigation of cancer clusters and medico-legal aspects of tobacco smoke-induced cancer.

He has had extensive advisory involvement with International Agency for Research on Cancer and co-edited the World Cancer Report for the World Health Organisation. In 2008 Professor Stewart published a new approach to qualitative assessment of carcinogenic risks.

A member of the Council of the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia and an advisor to the National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre, Professor Stewart has had a close association with Cancer Council Australia for more than 25 years. Currently, he is a member of the Editorial Board of the Council’s professional journal Cancer Forum.

For an interview with Professor Bernard Stewart, please contact Cancer Council Australia's Media Manager on (02) 8063 4153.

Kathy ChapmanKathy Chapman

Chair, Nutrition and Physical Activity Committee
BSc, M Nutr & Diet

Kathy Chapman is one of the Cancer Council’s experts on diet, obesity, physical activity and cancer risk. Kathy is an accredited practising dietitian with a Masters degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and over 16 years experience working in nutrition, in both public health and clinical settings.

As the Director of Cancer Programs at Cancer Council NSW, where she has worked since 2002, Kathy has responsibility for developing the Cancer Council’s positions, policies and programs related to cancer prevention. Kathy is also a member of the Advisory Group for Parents Jury and chairs the Coalition on Food Marketing to Children.

A regular commentator on obesity control issues, particularly food marketing to children. Kathy is undertaking her PhD on food costs.

For an interview with Kathy Chapman, please contact Cancer Council Australia's Media Manager on (02) 8063 4153.

Terry SlevinTerry Slevin

Chair, Occupational and Environmental Cancer Risk Committee

Terry Slevin is one of Cancer Council’s foremost experts on public health research and health promotion and a leading spokesperson on workplace cancer risks and environmental carcinogens.

Mr Slevin is a regular media commentator on all aspects of cancer, ranging from causes and early detection, to broader chronic disease prevention including nutrition, physical activity, weight control, alcohol and sun protection. 

Director, Education and Research at Cancer Council WA where he has worked since 1994, Mr Slevin holds a Masters in Public Health and an Honours degree in Psychology. He is Adjunct Professor in the School of Psychology and Speech Pathology at Curtin University and was previously Vice President of the Public Health Association of Australia.

As well as being Chair of Cancer Council Australia’s Occupational and Environmental Cancer Risk Committee, Mr Slevin has previously chaired Cancer Council's Skin Cancer Committee and Nutrition and Physical Activity Committee.

He is the editor of a book on skin cancer Sun, Skin and Health, released by CSIRO Publishing in 2014 and has published over 40 papers in the peer reviewed literature and a series of 15 articles on cancer myths. 

For an interview with Terry Slevin, please contact Cancer Council Australia's Media Manager on (02) 8063 4153.

Craig SinclairCraig Sinclair

Chair, Public Health Committee and Chair, Skin Cancer Committee

Adjunct Associate Professor Craig Sinclair is one of Australia’s leading experts on skin cancer prevention.

Mr Sinclair is the Director of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Collaborative Centre for UV Radiation and has particular expertise in skin cancer, vitamin D and sun protection.

As chair of Cancer Council Australia’s Public Health and Skin Cancer Committees and Head of Prevention at Cancer Council Victoria, Mr Sinclair is also an expert media commentator on a broad range of public health issues related to cancer prevention including obesity, alcohol and cancer screening.

He is an author of over 30 peer reviewed publications including the WHO’s Risks and Guidance Note on Artificial Tanning Sunbeds.

For an interview with Craig Sinclair, please contact Cancer Council Australia's Media Manager on (02) 8063 4153.



Professor Karen CanfellKaren Canfell

Chair, Cancer Screening and Immunisation Committee, Cancer Council Australia

As Chair of Cancer Council Australia's Cancer Screening and Immunisation Committee, Karen brings a wealth of experience in cancer screening policy and evaluation.

Karen is a cancer epidemiologist and is Director of Cancer Research at Cancer Council NSW and Adjunct Professor at Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. Karen holds a D.Phil. (PhD equivalent) in Epidemiology from the University of Oxford.

Prior to joining Cancer Council NSW, Karen headed up the Cancer Screening Group at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre at UNSW.

Karen's research group regularly perform evaluations of new cancer screening and diagnostic technologies for government agencies in Australia, New Zealand and England. Her particular research focus is cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination. Her team’s work underpins the findings of a recent major review of the Australian National Cervical Screening Program and has resulted in the imminent transition of the program to 5-yearly HPV testing for cervical screening. Karen is also co-Principal Investigator of the first ever large-scale trial of cervical screening in a population offered HPV vaccination, ‘Compass’, which is being conducted with the Victorian Cytology Service. She is also a member of the Australian Medical Services Advisory Committee’s Protocol Advisory Sub-Committee.

In 2015, Karen received a '100 women of Influence' nomination in the AFR/Westpac awards and also received a Research Excellence Award from the National Health and Medical Research Council. She has 100+ peer-review publications/government reports, is regularly invited to speak at international and national conferences, and is active on the scientific faculties for the major international conferences in her field.



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