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National Cancer Genetics Education Group

The National Cancer Genetics Education Group (NCGEG), formed in February 2000, brings together individuals involved in cancer genetics education from various organisations in Australia.

The primary goals of the NCGEG are to:

  • Develop and promote evidence-based, up-to-date educational resources related to familial cancer and cancer genetics.
  • Provide a national network for the collaborative development of cancer genetics educational resources in Australia.
  • Ensure a consistent approach to cancer genetics education is maintained across Australia, in line with National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines.
  • Provide educational input to key cancer genetics committees and reports.

Group members:

Karen Crowe (Genetic Health Queensland)
Vivianne Geldard (Queensland Familial Bowel Cancer Registry)
Melanie Clancey (Genetic Health Queensland)
Kate Dunlop (The Centre for Genetics Education NSW)
Liz Gould (Genetic Services of Western Australia)
Samantha Edwards (Genetic Services of Western Australia)
Chris Enright (Cancer Council Victoria)
Jo Burke (Tasmanian Clinical Genetics Service)
Gayle Newbold (Cancer Council Tasmania)
Di Mason (Cancer Council Tasmania)
Belinda Dopita (ACT Clinical Genetics Service)
Kirsty Stallard (Cancer Council South Australia)


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