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Affiliations and partnerships

Through its Clinical Guidelines Network (CGN), Cancer Council Australia collaborates with professional bodies across the spectrum, from basic science through medical and nursing care to public health. More than 70 interest groups assist with the development and evaluation of clinical guidelines to improve cancer management throughout Australia.

Our clinical partner, the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia, is the peak multidisciplinary organisation representing healthcare professionals working in cancer.

Cancer Council also collaborates with:

We also collaborate with a number of public health non-governmental organisations such as the Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance, Smokefree Australia, the Australian Fruit and Vegetable Coalition, the Coalition on Food Advertising to Children, the Coalition for a Healthy Australian Food Supply and the National Alliance for Action on Alcohol.

In 2005, Cancer Council became one of the founding supporters of the Parents Jury, a web-based initiative giving a voice to parents concerned about childhood obesity.

The Parents Jury is an online network of Australian parents who wish to voice their views and to collectively advocate for the improvement of children's food anphysical activity environments (for example, reduced junk food marketing to children, healthy choices for school canteens, and activity-friendly neighbourhoods).

The Parents Jury is supported by Cancer Council Australia and its member organisations, Diabetes Australia - Vic, QLD & WA, the Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society (ANZOS) and VicHealth. Together these organisations have a major interest in the prevention of childhood overweight and obesity.

Information gathered from members contributes towards The Parents Jury's collective voice in the media, and to lobby governments, food manufacturers and other key decision makers. The website also contains grassroots advocacy tips and resources to help members become Parent Champions for their children's health.

Membership of The Parents Jury is free to all parents, grandparents and guardians of children aged under 18.

If you're interested in getting involved in Parents Jury, register online by visiting


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