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Cervical cancer screening

Principles of practice

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GUIDELINE UPDATES - This guideline was last updated 7/1/2022

Principles of practice

Colposcopy should be conducted:

  • by an adequately trained colposcopist who is registered with c-QUIP and undertakes mandated QA activities
  • in appropriate surroundings
  • with properly functioning diagnostic and therapeutic equipment

Patient information should be provided (see Supplement. Colposcopy information for discussion with patient):

  • before or during the first colposcopy consultation
  • after a treatment
  • in a culturally and linguistically appropriate format.

Results of any procedure or treatment should be communicated in a timely fashion. Non-attendance should be documented and minimisation strategies implemented. The examination of the cervix and vagina with a magnifying instrument called a colposcope, to check for abnormalities.


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