Australia stands on the precipice of critical action on e-cigarettes. We need your support. 

The Australian Government has taken decisive action to reduce the devastating harm that e-cigarettes are having on our community, and especially on young Australians.  

The legislation to bring these reforms into reality will be introduced into the Parliament in early 2024. Its passage through the Parliament isn’t assured.  

We need our nation’s decision-makers to hear the concerns of communities, schools, parents, and health experts once again and vote for reforms to stop the next generation of Australians from becoming addicted to nicotine.  

Make your voice heard

Send an email to your elected representatives explaining why stopping the access and supply of non-prescription vapes is important to you, and asking them to support the legislation through the Parliament.  

Please personalise one of the following template letters, or draft your own: 

Please send your email to your local Member of Parliament and your state Senators. 

If you know your electorate/MP 

Find their email or mailing address 

If you don’t know your electorate/MP 

Use the Find My Electorate search on the AEC website 

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For your Senators (we encourage you to email all Senators who represent your state) 

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What are the proposed reforms? 

Legislation came into effect on 1st January 2024, stopping the import of non-prescription e-cigarettes at our borders, ending the flood of these inherently harmful products into the country

New legislation is urgently needed to: 

  • Stop the access and supply of all single use, disposable vapes, strengthening and reinforcing the prescription pathway.
  • Halt the advertising, supply, or commercial possession of non-prescription and disposable vapes.
  • Introduce measures to reduce the appeal and use outside of the prescription pathway, by introducing minimum quality standards on flavours, colours and ingredients; pharmaceutical like packaging; and reducing allowable nicotine contents. 
  • Introduce minimum quality standards where none currently exist on these products.

Why change is needed: 

  • Since 2013, vaping use has grown across almost every age group in our community. More than 30% of young Australians (14-17 year olds) have vaped.  
  • The latest data, from the first quarter of 2023, shows: 
    • 1 in 7 Australians aged 14-17 are current vapers 
    • 1 in 5 Australians aged 18-24 are current vapers 
  • Young Australians who vape are around 3 times more likely to take up tobacco smoking compared to young Australians who have never vaped. 
  • E-cigarettes are not safe and can cause harm. While the long-term impacts are being studied, evidence has found e-cigarettes can lead to addiction, unintentional and intentional poisoning, acute nicotine toxicity, lung injury, and increased smoking uptake in non-smokers. 

For more information 

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