Cancer Council Australia

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CGN?s key objectives are to:

  • Produce and disseminate high quality, evidence-based up-to-date cancer related clinical practice guidelines
  • Improve cancer related clinical practice guideline implementation and uptake
  • Support, engage and collaborate with the Australian and international guideline development and implementation community, including relevant government bodies
  • Offer advice on cancer-related health outcomes to a range of interest groups (including professionals, government, community organisations and people affected by cancer)
  • Consult with interest groups and stakeholders
  • Be a clearinghouse for information concerned with patterns of:
    1. practice
    2. treatment outcome indicators
    3. development and dissemination of best practice guidelines
  • Gain the perspectives and experiences of consumers and cancer care providers
  • Improve the delivery of cancer services and care
  • Support efforts to develop a national cancer control plan

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