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Clinical practice guidelines: PSA testing and early management of test-detected prostate cancer

Published: 2016

Status: This resource has been developed, reviewed or revised within the last five years.

These guidelines were developed through a partnership of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Cancer Council Australia.

For the first time, these guidelines provide health professionals access to evidence-based recommendations for using the prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test to assess prostate cancer risk and manage test-detected patients. The recommendations also cover matters such as retesting, active surveillance, watchful waiting and biopsy.

The recommendations in these guidelines are approved by the Chief Executive Officer of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). In granting approval, NHMRC is satisfied that the guideline recommendations are systematically derived, based on the identification and synthesis of the best available scientific evidence, and developed for health professionals practicing in an Australian health care setting.

Clinical practice guidelines for the management of locally advanced and metastatic prostate cancer

Published: 2010

Status: This resource was developed, reviewed or revised more than five years ago. It may no longer reflect current evidence or best practice.

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