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World Cancer Day

February 4 is World Cancer Day. This year?s theme is ?Debunk the myths? and focuses on dismissing cancer misconceptions, communicating the facts and raising general awareness about cancer prevention and treatment.

If you?ve heard a claim about cancer and want to find out whether it's true or not, Cancer Council's iheard website and new iheard mobile phone app are great places to start.

Does stress cause cancer? Is Gumbi Gumbi effective in treating cancer? Can having sex reduce prostate cancer risk? Browse our online database of cancer related rumours and fanciful claims and get the facts about cancer risks, prevention and treatment. If you?ve heard something that we haven't yet answered, submit your question online and have it reviewed by experts who will provide accurate, evidence-based answers.

This World Cancer Day, separate fact from fiction ? debunk the myths and help reduce your cancer risk by getting the facts.

To learn more about World Cancer Day, head to

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