Effortless ways to protect your skin

With a few practical and simple steps, you can stay SunSmart.

Effortless ways to protect your skin
Save your Skin

Whether you work outdoors or spend a lot of time in the sun because of your hobbies or fitness, it’s important to protect your skin from UV radiation.

Here are some practical tips you can put in place now so that looking after your skin isn’t a chore:

  • Download the SunSmart app onto your phone so you can easily check your local UV index. Even better, turn on notifications and the app will alert you whenever you need to use sun protection at your selected locations.
  • Place some broad-spectrum sunscreen in your gym bag or your backpack
  • Put a hat somewhere you can access it on the go, like your car’s glove box, the back of your ute, or bike bag
  • Hang your hat on a hook on your front door
  • Keep a long sleeve shirt with your tackle box, board cover or swim bag
  • Stash a pair of sunglasses in your car
  • Set a two-hour timer on your phone as a reminder to reapply your sunscreen

Even if you haven’t been following the SunSmart steps until now, it’s never too late to start! Using all five forms of sun protection at any age can reduce your risk of developing skin cancer.

Did you know? 

Skin damage, which can lead to skin cancer, happens when we’re exposed to high levels of UV radiation emitted by the sun.   

UV radiation is measured using the UV index and how high this number gets has nothing to do with whether it’s hot or cold outside. That’s why it’s important to follow the five SunSmart steps whenever the UV index is three or above, regardless of air temperature or what season it is, to keep yourself protected from harmful UV radiation. 

How can I check the UV index? 

The most convenient way to check the UV index is to download the SunSmart app on your phone. The Index is also reported on the weather page of all Australian daily newspapers, on the Bureau of Meteorology website, and app, and on some smart speakers, radio and mobile weather forecasts.


How SunSmart are you really?

True or false: "I only need to worry about being sun safe on warm, sunny days."