Man wearing a hat and a high-vis top applying sunscreen on his face.
Man wearing a hat and a high-vis top applying sunscreen on his face.

Tips on being sun safe this summer

One route to healthy skin 

Did you know a suntan is a visible sign of damage to your skin? And that it can lead to premature ageing and skin cancer? The damage happens when we’re exposed to high levels of UV radiation from the sun, leading to premature ageing, leathery skin and sunspots. Protecting your skin from harmful UV is the best way to prevent this kind of sun damage and reduce your risk of skin cancer.  

We know being sun safe may seem like a hassle, but we promise it’s easier than you think. And the more you do it the easier it gets!



Eight tips to save your skin 

Being sun safe can seem hard, but with a few simple and practical steps, you can stay SunSmart all year round.

  1. Download the SunSmart app to easily check your local UV index. You can even turn on notifications to receive alerts whenever sun protection is needed.
  2. Place broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 30+  in your handbag, gym bag or backpack. 
  3. Put a broad brim hat somewhere you can access it on the go, like your car, backpack or handbag.
  4. Hang your hat on a hook by your front door.
  5. Keep a long sleeve shirt with your beach bag, swim gear or bike.
  6. Stash a pair of sunglasses in your car or everyday bag.
  7. Set a two-hour timer on your phone as a reminder to reapply your sunscreen. 
  8. Create a SunSmart day bag that you can grab on the go.       

Ideas for your SunSmart day bag

Create a grab-and-go day bag stocked with your favourite sun safety items, including: 

  • A stylish sun safe hat (think broad-brimmed, or with coverage that extends to your neck and ears). 
  • SPF 30+ sunscreen for your face and body.
  • Pair of sunnies.
  • Long sleeve coverup – oversized shirts are great!
  • SPF 30+ lip balm.
  • Water bottle.

Five forms of sun protection

Animation of Sid the Seagull.

No doubt you’ve heard of the 5 S’s but in honour of Sid the Seagull, here they are once more:

SLIP on clothing that covers your shoulders, arms and legs. This is one of the most effective ways to protect your skin.

SLOP an SPF 30+ broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen to create a barrier between UV and your skin.

SLAP on a SunSmart hat to protect your face, ears and neck.

SEEK shade whenever you can. Shade alone can reduce UV exposure by up to 75%.

SLIDE on sunglasses to reduce UV exposure to your eyes. 

Did you know? If you haven’t been using these sun safe tips, it’s never too late to start! Using the five forms of sun protection at any age can reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. 

When you next step out the door remember our quick and easy tips for being sun safe and don’t forget to grab your SunSmart day bag on the way out! 

Download the SunSmart app for when UV index is 3 or above and sun protection is needed.

Remember, sun protection looks good on you!