Misinformation around cancer is plentiful online, especially on social media. But don’t worry, we’re here to dispel false information about cancer. Let’s start with laptops. 

Joe from Sydney asked: 

I use my laptop every day at work and when I get home at night. Am I going to get cancer from the radiation?"

Current scientific evidence indicates that it’s safe to use laptops. 

Computers, like many other electrical appliances, produce electric and magnetic fields, however most are in the extremely low frequency range. According to the World Health Organization, the field strengths are far below international exposure limit guidelines. Scientific evidence states that the long term, low level of exposure from laptops is safe

Most false theories about laptops relate to heat, electromagnetic radiation or radiation from wireless networks (WiFi). A common concern is heat near the scrotum for men who use laptops on their laps. While some studies show heat from various sources, may affect a man’s sperm and fertility, current research states that from a cancer perspective, it’s safe to use laptops, even on your lap. 

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This article was last updated 20/10/2023.