This method of detection seems too good to be true, but I've read that it's been tested and proven. Does it work?"

There is no reliable evidence that Breastlight can help detect breast cancer early. The Breastlight is a hand-held light that supposedly helps women to spot early signs of breast cancers. The device emits a red light which allows women to look through their skin at the underlying tissue and blood vessels. However, Breastlight has never been properly tested to know whether it is effective. For example, there has never been a randomised control trial, the gold-standard in medicine. For this reason, the UK Advertising Standard Authority banned an advert for Breastlight, on the grounds that it was likely to mislead. The device should not be used as a substitute for regular breast awareness or screening

Cancer Council Australia strongly recommends that women take part in the national breast screening program. The mammography screening program is aimed at women without symptoms, aged between 50 and 74 years, but is available free of charge to all women over the age of 40 through BreastScreen Australia. Women should also remain breast aware at all times and become familiar with the regular shape and feel of their breasts.