It is very important that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have a Cervical Screening Test every five years between the ages of 25 and 74.

You should have a Cervical Screening Test even if you feel healthy. This is because cervical cancer and HPV infections usually have no symptoms.

You can go to these places for a Cervical Screening Test:

  • your doctor
  • an Aboriginal Health Service
  • some women's and community health centres
  • Well Women's Clinics and Services at hospitals

Ask your doctor, nurse or Aboriginal health worker when and how you can get the test and your results. Remember, most Cervical Screening Test results are normal, but you need to have the test to make sure.

Some women who choose not to have a doctor or nurse collect the Cervical Screening Test, may be eligible to take the sample themselves. This is called a self-collected Cervical Screening Test. Speak to your doctor or health professional to find out if you are eligible.