Pregnant women who are due for a Cervical Screening Test should still be screened. It is safe to be screened in pregnancy, and Cervical Screening Tests have not been linked to increased rates of miscarriage.

It can be a good time to have a Cervical Screening Test in the early stages of pregnancy, while you are being examined by your doctor for other matters relating to your pregnancy. It can be hard to make time for your own health after your baby is born, so it can be helpful to get the test done before the baby's arrival.

If you choose to have a Cervical Screening Test after the birth of your baby, it is best to wait at least six weeks - it is ideal to wait three months. If you have a Cervical Screening Test too soon after the delivery there is an increased rate of unsatisfactory results - for instance, there may not be enough cells in the sample taken, or the cells of the cervix may still be inflamed after the pregnancy and birth.