If your Cervical Screening Test comes back with the presence of high-risk HPV types or any abnormalities , you may be referred to a specialist.

You can find more information on abnormalities and follow-up here.

Follow up tests include:


A colposcopy identifies where abnormal cells are located in the cervix, and what they look like. During the procedure, a speculum will be inserted into your vagina so the doctor can view the cervix and vagina via a colposcope, a medical instrument that magnifies parts of the cervix, like binoculars.  The colposcope is not put inside your body.

Biopsy, cone biopsy, or large loop excision of the transformation zone

A biopsy is when the doctor removes some tissue from the surface of the cervix and sends it to a laboratory for examination under a microscope. The biopsy may be done during the colposcopy.