If you have any financial issues at all it is recommended you get treated in the public health system. Despite some perceptions, being treated for cancer in the public health system ensures timely treatment and greatly reduced out-of-pocket costs.

For more information about cost of treatment as well as accommodation and travel costs ask your doctor or visit practical and financial assistance. Click on your area of residence for information on local financial assistance programmes.

You can also visit what will I have to pay for treatment to learn more about informed financial consent.

Talk to a social worker about what financial and practical support services are available (a member of your team can tell you how to access a social worker or welfare worker).

Talk to your local Centrelink office about financial support for people who are unable to work because they provide full time care to someone with a medical condition. For more information about centrelink payments for carers visit humanservices.gov.au.

Talk to your local Medicare office about the ‘safety net’ on costs of medications and medical bills.

Your social worker can help you identify any financial support you or your family / carer might be eligible to receive and connect you with a financial counselling service is required.