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Access Economics has estimated that the average lifetime financial cost of cancer to a household is around $50,000 per person, although this cost varies substantially by age and gender and by cancer type.

For people of working age (aged 15-64) the average lifetime cost of cancer is $137,400 for males and $51,500 for females. This cost can range to up to nearly $300,000 for males with brain cancer. Over 40,000 new cancer cases or 42.4% of new cancer cases occur in this age group.

Financial support is therefore critical to the wellbeing of people living with cancer and their families. Cancer Council Australia has submitted a number of recommendations to government on ways to improve the level of financial assistance to cancer patients. (There is a separate section with submissions specifically about remote patient travel assistance.)

Download submissions here:

Senate inquiry into cost of living for older people – July 2007
Download the PDF
CCA COSA Submission to inquiry on disability care and support
Download the PDF
Submission to pension review Cancer Council Australia – October 2008
Download the PDF

Find out more about practical and financial assistance from Cancer Council