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There are various approaches to treating cancer, many of which involve combinations of therapies to provide the most effective treatment

Your doctor should discuss treatment options with you and explain the benefits and risks involved. Following is an overview of some cancer treatments. For information about treating specific cancers, see types of cancer.  

Read more about cancer-related side effects

Many people with cancer will experience some side effects. Side effects can be related to the type of cancer treatment you are having or the cancer itself.

Learn more about your treatment options for advanced cancer

Advanced cancer means your cancer has spread or returned (recur) after treatment and is unlikely to be cured. Sometimes people’s cancer may be advanced when they are first diagnosed. 

Find out more about end-of-life care

If you have cancer diagnosed at a late stage, or treatment has stopped working, you may be told that the cancer is terminal or end stage. Maintaining quality of life is important and supportive care is available during this time.

Many people find they need support after treatment ends