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Cancer Council recommends consumers discontinue using Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen SPF50+ 110ml batch number 1103178 and Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen SPF50+ 200ml batch number 1099751. Click here for more information or to apply for a refund.


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Cancer Council plays a major role educating Australians about cancer prevention and early detection. 

Our courses, which can be accessed free of charge, aim to assist GPs, health practitioners, OH&S professionals, workers who may face exposure to carcinogens and people interested in being involved in health research. 

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GP education: occupational carcinogen exposure and cancer

Learn about common occupational exposures to cancer causing carcinogens and the processes that will help you, as a health professional, assist a patient in need.

KNOW Asbestos and DIY

This course is designed to give the DIY home renovator basic knowledge about asbestos, and the risks and safe practices when working with or removing small amounts of asbestos-containing material. Access the course.

Consumers in Research Training

The online Consumers in Research course is a series of four short modules designed to inform and prepare community members to be involved in health and medical research. Access the course.

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