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Optimal cancer care pathways

The best cancer journey for specific cancer types

Information for health professionals 

Optimal cancer care pathways outline the best cancer care for specific tumour types. 

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services commissioned Cancer Council Victoria to conduct a review of the Optimal Care Pathways (OCPs) . These have subsequently been endorsed by the National Cancer Expert Review Group, Cancer Australia, Cancer Council Australia, and the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council. 

The pathways are designed to promote a full understanding of the patient journey in order to foster quality cancer care from the point of diagnosis. 

The clinical Optimal Care Pathways have been developed to provide information for health professionals on the best cancer care and are available in their full version or as quick reference guides.  Each pathway identifies specific points and recommended care at each stage. Both detailed and quick reference guides have been developed for the following tumour types:

Downloadable information for your patients

The following 'Guide to best cancer care' pathways have been developed to help identify the steps and recommended care at each stage

Optimal Care Pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 

This optimal care pathway complements the best practice information provided in the tumour specific pathways to facilitate the delivery of culturally safe and competent care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It outlines the aspects of the cancer care pathway that need to be responsive to the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with cancer. It is also available as a quick reference guide. 

For general practitioners and practice managers 

To support you, your practice, and your patients, you can: 

  • Refer newly diagnosed cancer patients to 'Guides to best cancer care' and print and provide them with a copy of the relevant tumour stream consumer guides.
  • Import the GP quick reference guides and consumer version PDFs into you GP software.

For more information regarding the current pathways, or to send feedback, please email 

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