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Policy and advocacy

Our impact

Policy and advocacy

Our policy and advocacy work is making cancer history.

Cancer Council is the peak non-government cancer control organisation, working to improve outcomes and provide support to all Australians affected by all cancers. We develop policies and advocate for change to reduce the risk and burden of cancer for all Australians.  

Our approach 

Our work is focused on influencing national policies to achieve health gains through effective cancer prevention, screening, and care to reduce the impact of cancer on the Australian community. We take a strong, independent public position on topics across the cancer continuum, from cancer prevention, screening, and early diagnosis to cancer care.  We conduct research and develop comprehensive evidence-based cancer control policies. We seek to have our policy recommendations translated into practice through our advocacy and representations to government.  

We engage with the community, researchers, health professionals, governments, and public health organisations to formulate policy. We work with expert advisory committees to consult on policy development and advocacy. We also engage independent experts, and people with lived experience to provide their insights and peer-review our policy.

Our way of working

Engage and foster relationships with government and public health organisations to establish best practices across the cancer control continuum.

Enable representation of diverse voices and reflect the needs of diverse communities in national policy and advocacy.

Develop policies informed by evidence to advocate for system change that improves the experiences and outcomes of all people.​

Provide leadership across the public health sector on the importance of policy and advocacy in cancer control.​

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