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Tune into our 'The Thing About Cancer' podcasts and our ‘Finding Calm During Cancer’ podcasts


How do people cope after a cancer diagnosis? What if cancer affects your sex life? Why is everyone talking about immunotherapy? Can you do anything about fatigue?

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with cancer, you might be searching for the answers to these and other questions.

After a diagnosis

Tune into The Thing About Cancer, a new podcast from Cancer Council NSW, as host Julie McCrossin chats to experts about all things cancer.

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Welcome Episode: What is 'The Thing About Cancer'?

Julie McCrossin introduces this new series from Cancer Council NSW. Get information and insights as Julie chats to experts and people affected by cancer. Together we'll explore a range of topics covering all things cancer.

Episode 1: Coping with a cancer diagnosis

What coping strategies can you turn to when faced with the life-changing news of a cancer diagnosis? Julie McCrossin chats with psychologist Cath Adams about life after a cancer diagnosis, and how to ride the emotional roller-coaster that often follows.

Episode 2: Sex and cancer 

Will your sex life change after cancer? Julie McCrossin talks with Professor Jane Ussher about the impact of cancer on sex and intimacy, and why it's so important to have open and honest conversations about sex with your doctor and your partner.

Episode 3: Managing cancer fatigue 

Why can cancer make you so tired and what can you do about it? Host Julie McCrossin chats with Dr Haryana Dhillon about ways to manage cancer fatigue.

Episode 4: How to help someone with cancer

What can you say or do to help someone with cancer? Host Julie McCrossin chats to social worker Kim Hobbs about ways to offer meaningful support.

Episode 5: Explaining cancer to kids 

How do you tell your children you have cancer? Julie McCrossin chats to CanTeen's John Friedsam about ways to talk about your cancer diagnosis with your kids.

Episode 6: Making treatment decisions 

How do you decide on the best cancer treatment pathway for you? Julie McCrossin chats to Lyndal Trevena, a practising GP and Professor of Primary Health Care at Sydney University.

Episode 7: Appetite loss and nausea 

How do you keep eating when you are feeling sick? Julie McCrossin chats to dietitian Merran Findlay about ways to ensure your body is well nourished throughout cancer treatment.

Episode 8: New cancer treatments - immunotherapy and targeted therapy 

What are immunotherapy and targeted therapy? How are they transforming cancer treatment? Julie McCrossin chats to medical oncologist Steven Kao about these exciting new treatments.

Episode 9: Genetic tests and cancer 

Why is cancer called a genetic disease and what does that mean for you? Julie McCrossin chats to genetic oncologist Dr Hilda High about what genetic tests can tell us about cancer.

You can view all That Thing About Cancer podcasts here.

Advanced cancer

Listen to The Thing About Advanced Cancer podcasts where Julie McCrossin talks to experts about questions around advanced cancer. If you are living with long-term advanced cancer, are facing end of life or are caring for someone with advanced cancer, this podcast series has information and insights to help you in challenging times.

Finding calm

While you are going through cancer treatment you may find it difficult to rest and relax. How do you cope with the stress and anxiety of cancer and cancer treatment? What about your family and friends?

Tune into Finding Calm During Cancer, a new podcast from Cancer Council NSW, and join psychologist Dr Lisbeth Lane as she guides you through a series of meditation and relaxation exercises.

For more information and support you can call Cancer Council 13 11 20 from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call.

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