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Gift in your Will

Like so many of our donors, you too can decide to leave a gift to Cancer Council in your will and help fund life-saving work that wil support so many others in the future. Your bequest is more than a gift - it is a lifetime of hope!


Your stories

Including a bequest is not an alternative to looking after your family, it's a part of it. Read why some of our supporters are leaving us a gift of hope for the future.

Read their stories

How to leave a gift?

We take you through the steps of making or changing a will and advice on how to leave a gift to Cancer Council.

  • Making a will
  • Updating a will
  • Wording for a bequest to Cancer Council

How to leave a bequest in your will


Why leaving a gift matters

It is our vision that together we will beat cancer. When you trust us with a gift in your will we make sure your money matters.

  • Funding research is the key to finding answers to our questions about cancer
  • Supporting patients and carers in your community
  • Our commitment to you

Why your bequest matters


Leaving a gift in your will...

What kind of gift can I leave in my will?

Family and loved ones come first, however setting aside a small percentage of your estate will have a benefit to those who will need future research and suppport from Cancer Council.

  • Understand different types of gifts
  • Professional, indepedent advice

Read more about types of gifts


Contact us

To find out more about the work being carried out in your community or to confidentially discuss leaving a bequest to Cancer Council please contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to chat with you and provide information to assist with this very personal decision.

Contact us

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