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Useful links regarding COVID-19

We’ve compiled a list of links to assist you in finding information and support resources that might be useful for you during this time.

The Australasian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group (ALLG) has collaborated with a range of cancer organisations, including Cancer Council, to develop a Patient-Carer Info Sheet - including important information about COVID-19 based on clinical advice to contain, delay and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Australian Government resources for General Public

The Australian Government Department of Health has issued a health alert and public health information on COVID-19.

For Healthcare workers

If you are health care worker with concerns or questions about how COVID-19 affects you, these links provide some detailed information for you:

Affiliated professional societies:

For Patients

If you are a cancer patient with concerns or questions about how COVID-19 affects you, the links below may provide more specific information related to your cancer type:

If COVID-19 is affecting your individual, household or business finances, you can read about government assistance here:

Additional resources for young cancer patients

If you are a young cancer patient looking for age-appropriate COVID-19 information and support resources, use can find out more here:

For information regarding travel

If you are currently travelling, recently returned from travel or planning to travel, you can find out more here:

General Information

State and Territory Government resources

For information specific to your state or territory, use these government website links:

Australian Capital Territory (ACT Health)

Northern Territory (NT Dept of Health)

New South Wales (NSW Health)

Queensland (QLD Health)

South Australia (SA Health)

SA Healthcare Workers Information

Victoria (VIC Dept of Health & Human Services)

Western Australia (WA Health)

Global health resources