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Cancer and work

Many cancer patients continue to work during their treatment and recovery, just as many people caring for someone with cancer are also holding down jobs. Often colleagues don't know what to say or how to help.

Cancer Council provides support and resources helping to make attending work or returning to work easier for patients, carers and survivors, their employers and colleagues.

A number of our booklets are now available as ebooks, making them easy to download and view on an ebook reader, mobile device or computer.

Click on one of the following categories to access our publications online or to download booklets and fact sheets.

Information for employees

Information for employers

To access Cancer Council ebooks

PC: Download a stand-alone ebook reader or install a browser add-on.
Mac: Use the iBooks app installed.

If you don't have an ebook reader, Wikipedia has an extensive list of open-source and paid ebook readers -

Information for employees

Cancer, work and you PDF | ebook
Provides practical information for employees, including those self-employed, with cancer. It also contains information for working carers.

Cancer care and your rights PDF | ebook
Outlines what you can expect of your treatment team and the healthcare system, including information on health insurance and workplace rights.

Cancer and your finances PDF | ebook
Helps you to understand how to manage your finances after a cancer diagnosis.

Caring for someone with cancer PDF | ebook
Offers support and practical tips to help balance the demands of caring for someone with cancer and looking after your own needs.

Cancer in the school community PDF
A guide for school staff who would like to support students, families and colleagues affected by cancer.

Many people have concerns about superannuation and grounds for early access. For more information, call Cancer Council 13 11 20 for a free copy of Superannuation and cancer or visit your local Cancer Council website.


Information for employers

Cancer Council has developed a series of fact sheets designed to help human resource managers provide a supportive work environment for employees with cancer and working carers.

Cancer: an overview PDF
Provides a snapshot of the incidence of cancer in Australia.

Cancer myths and facts PDF
Provides information on some of the common misconceptions about cancer and cancer treatment.

Talking to your employee about cancer PDF
Some suggestions about how to approach the initial conversation with an employee with cancer.

Managing the effects of treatment PDF
Provides information on the most common types of cancer treatment and how to manage side effects that can impact an employee's work.

Creating cancer-friendly workplaces PDF
Aims to provide a starting point to create a supportive work environment for people affected by cancer.

Supporting a colleague with cancer PDF
Produced to help co-workers who want to be supportive but are unsure of what to say or do.

Supporting working carers PDF
Provides suggestions to make it easier for a working carer to manage his or her situation.

Death and bereavement PDF
Provides a starting point for employers dealing with death and grieving among their employees.

Where to find more information and support PDF
Cancer Council offers a range of services for people with cancer as well as family, friends and colleagues.

How you can help us PDF
Shows many simple ways that your workplace can help Cancer Council in our efforts to beat cancer.


For more information

For support and information on cancer and cancer-related issues, call Cancer Council 13 11 20. This is a confidential service.


How you can help

You can support Cancer Council by:

  • volunteering your time
  • participating in an event or
  • making a donation to help fund our cancer research, education and support services

This page was last updated on: Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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