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Megan Varlow

Director, Cancer Control Policy

Megan  Varlow

Megan Varlow is Director Cancer Control Policy at Cancer Council Australia, responsible for the development of national policy and advocacy for its implementation.

After training as a psychologist, Megan was endorsed in clinical and health psychology and spent ten years in clinical environments working mostly with people living with chronic diseases and serious mental illness. Frustrated by the systemic factors that confounded an individual’s experience of chronic illness, Megan then worked in an academic clinical research unit and subsequently moved to NSW Health where she spent almost eight years at the Cancer Institute NSW, the NSW government’s cancer control agency.

Megan is passionate about lessening the impact of cancer on all Australians, and is especially interested in reducing the inequalities in cancer outcomes experienced by people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, regional and remote, lower socio-economic and migrant communities.

Megan is available for interview and can discuss Cancer Council Australia’s advocacy and policy priorities, informed financial consent, out-of-pocket costs, and the physical, emotional and financial impact of cancer.

For an interview with Megan Varlow, please contact Cancer Council Australia's Media Team on (02) 8256 4109 (the media hotline is available inside and outside of business hours). You can also email the media team on [email protected]