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House rules

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We have created these spaces as part of an online community where you can interact with other people affected by, or interested in cancer research, treatment and support.

Our aim is to find out your stories and thoughts about cancer and assist you with information about cancer. We also hope to contribute to our online supporter base for our organisation’s research, advocacy and fundraising.

You are welcome to leave comments, add photos and videos, and share your voice with the community. We want to encourage lively debate, so please feel free to offer a differing point of view, opinions or another perspective on the topics we post about.

In order to ensure that the information on this page is correct, legal and constructive, we do monitor the page and remove posts that are deemed inappropriate, illegal, derogatory towards any person or group, contain inaccurate or misleading health advice or are overtly promotional.

We ask members of the community to follow a few simple rules to help ensure the conversation is open, lively and considerate of others:

  • All posts must be in English.
  • If you disagree with other opinions, do so respectfully.
  • We will remove spam, advertisements or endorsements of any commercial organisation.
  • Our page is not an advocacy platform for causes not supported by Cancer Council. While we support your right to express an opinion, posts repeated on a regular basis about the same topic will be regarded as spam and removed.
  • For our users’ safety and privacy, we will remove any posts that contain personal contact details or private information. All posts are public, so do not post anything you aren’t happy for everyone to see.
  • We will remove posts or links to information that are abusive, offensive, illegal, profane, or defamatory towards a person, entity, belief or symbol. We will also report any such instances to the relevant social media outlet.
  • We will no tolerate stalking, trolling or deliberate disruption of discussion.
  • We reserve the right to address factual errors by deleting posts containing inaccurate, misleading or potentially dangerous health advice.
  • We will reply to comments at our discretion.

We will regularly review these sites and check any content posted or uploaded, and will remove content we deem inappropriate or that breaks one of our house rules. We reserve the right to delete posts and block posts at our discretion where necessary.

You are welcome to post details of your own fundraising efforts on our page – however in order to keep things fair for all fundraisers, please don’t ask us to do this on your behalf. We are simply unable to accommodate all the fundraising requests we receive.

Information on this site should not be used in place of medical advice, nor should the comments of other users. Cancer Council recommends that if you have a specific concern that you always see your doctor or a qualified health professional. For information and support contact Cancer Council 13 11 20 to speak to one of our experienced health professionals.

Please understand that comments posted by fans do not represent the opinions of Cancer Council.