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Online Community

Cancer Council's Online Community is a secure, moderated space, where anyone affected by cancer can provide and receive immediate access to peer-to-peer informational or emotional support.

Cancer Council Online Forum

Access to instant round-the-clock community 

The week of his cancer diagnosis, Ben Bravery logged into Cancer Council’s Online Community and started asking questions. He instantly began engaging with community members about their cancer experiences. 

In 2018, over 42,500 people like Ben were supported via our Online Community to learn more about cancer, help them cope with a cancer diagnosis or living with cancer. 

Knowing that he wasn’t alone brought about immediate relief for Ben. 

You can log in and instantly be surrounded by people that kind of get what you're going through, that can help you and that you can help in return."

Ben Bravery
Online Community Member

Ben felt extra comfort in the fact the Online Community was created and managed by Cancer Council. It helped him feel safe to seek the information and support he needed. 

The Online Community is created by Cancer Council and with it comes trust and safety. If Cancer Council didn't have the Online Community, people would be forced to look elsewhere for the kind of 24/7 online support that people clearly need when they're going through cancer."

Ben Bravery
Online Community Member

He also liked that he could remain ‘faceless’. 

Being slightly anonymous and only identifiable by your username means that you can say things and ask things that you might not have the courage to do if you were talking directly to another person."

Ben Bravery
Online Community Member

Easy to navigate, on-going support for everyone 

Our Online Community consists of forums, blogs and online support groups making it easy to locate the information that may be needed. 

The Online Community is for anyone affected by cancer including the general public, patients and their friends, family, and carers – so topics are varied. Ben is no longer being treated for cancer, but still finds the ongoing support he needs in the Online Community. 

I had a bit of a cancer scare recently, and so I found myself drawn back to the Online Community. For somebody that's had cancer, any abnormality or irregularity strikes fear into your heart, and I was checking out the 'Fear of Cancer Recurrence’ thread because that was exactly what was happening to me this week."

Ben Bravery
Online Community Member

Ben was quickly able to tap into the community to find the support he needed.  

Supporting and learning from each other 

Cancer doesn’t end after treatment. Ben knows all too well how sharing the cancer experience load with others can help, which is why he still regularly participates in community discussion. 

I am still affected by cancer and I see that as a role that I'll have for the rest of my life."

Ben Bravery
Online Community Member

Together, with the help of people like you, Cancer Council will continue to provide a safe, anonymous space for people affected by cancer to find support in others.

 Availability of our services varies around the country. To find out about support services for people affected by cancer in your local area, get in touch with your local Cancer Council or call 13 11 20.

Looking Ahead

We won’t rest until we’ve dramatically reduced the significant impact cancer has on every member of our community.