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Sun Safety with the Australian Institute of Sport

UV Radiation Prevention Policy: Related resources

Cancer Council collaborated with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and other key stakeholders, including esteemed athletes Curtis McGrath OAM and Jamie Roberts, to develop a national position statement aimed at reducing the risks of skin cancer in sport, and to foster a robust sun protection culture for all Australians engaged in sports.  

The five evidence-based guidelines on how to implement sun safe practices recommended in the AIS’ Sun Safe Position Statement include: 

  1. Elimination: Scheduling events for days with predicted low UV and, where possible, moving the activity indoors.  
  2. Substitution: Arranging activities either earlier or later in the day helps avoid periods of peak UV exposure.  
  3. Engineering controls: If games are outdoors, precautionary steps such as providing shade will reduce unnecessary time in the sun.   
  4. Administrative controls: Implementing a UV policy - for example, training staff and players on sun safety (including Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, and Slide) and providing training uniform. 
  5. Personal Protection Equipment: Mandating SunSmart strategies that limit UV radiation, such as a uniform policy or scheduled sunscreen top-ups.  

With these measures, it is not only about safeguarding athletes, but fostering a culture of sun safety that resonates far beyond the sporting arena.