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Cancer Risk Calculator

Cancer Risk Calculator

The Cancer Risk Calculator is a free online tool you can use to find out ways to reduce your cancer risk. By completing the calculator, you will receive a score to show how much you are currently reducing your cancer risk. You can also receive a Cancer Risk Scorecard which will give you a detailed breakdown of your results, tips and recommendations. You will be able to compare your results over-time to see the impact of changes you have made.

We acknowledge that some of the habits that can increase our cancer risk might be difficult to change. If you find it helpful, you might want to use our behaviour change tool

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Cancer Risk Calculator

The Cancer Risk Calculator was developed by Cancer Council Queensland.

What does the Cancer Risk Calculator do?
The Cancer Risk Calculator provides you with a score out of 100 and is based on the answer selections you provide. The higher your score, the more ways you are currently reducing your modifiable cancer risk. We encourage everyone to aim for 100 to give themselves the best level of protection.
What does the score mean?
The Cancer Risk Calculator asks you a range of health-related questions to identify steps you can take to reduce your cancer risk. You can also receive a personalised Cancer Risk Scorecard which provides a more detailed breakdown of your results and a range of helpful tips and resources.
What is a modifiable cancer risk?

Many cancers are not preventable and may be due to genetic factors. But we know that 1 in 3 cancer cases can be prevented through health lifestyle choices.

Everyone can reduce their cancer risk by adopting certain lifestyle behaviours. Your specific recommendations will be outlined in your Cancer Risk Scorecard.

Does this tool calculate my risk of getting cancer?
No, the Cancer Risk Calculator calculates how much you are currently reducing your cancer risk through your lifestyle choices.
What are my recommendations based on?
The recommendations in your Cancer Risk Scorecard are based off on Australian Guidelines and leading cancer research. These are specific to people of your age and gender.
Where can I find out more information?
If you would like to learn more about reducing cancer risk, please visit our webpage Causes and prevention | Cancer Council or to find out more about the education sessions our prevention team can provide, please visit Community Requests | Cancer Council Tasmania | Cancer Council

Cancer Council Tasmania would like to thank Cancer Council Queensland for partnering with us to share the Cancer Risk Calculator within the Tasmanian community.