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Cancer Council NT eNews - June 2017

June 1, 2017


CEO report

Welcome to our Dry Season eNews. 

Cancer in the Territory continues to present challenges for both the person diagnosed and others that love and are concerned for that person.  Cancer Council NT listens to these concerns and acknowledges that although we are doing a good job there is more we can do for our community.  Please, we are open to your suggestions to address needs and gaps in cancer services – drop into our offices in Darwin, Katherine or Alice Springs or contact us on the numbers provided in the eNews.

In this edition, we have featured our Territory Wide Cancer Support Services. I am pleased to say that 25% of these services are new in the past three years showing our continued growth and relevance to today's cancer needs.  Our community focused information forums are now presented in the three major centres and our financial assistance and telecommunication assistance is easing the burden in a small way for people on a weekly basis.  Linking with our interstate counterpart Cancer Councils program such as Healthy Living After Cancer and Cancer Connect we can offer people more choices here in the Territory as they continue through  their cancer journey.  These services are offered free of charge and obligation.

Cancer Council NT is primarily funded from money raised through donations, fundraising and our retail services based here in the Territory.  We are very grateful for the contribution the Department of Health as we have just finalised our new five year funding. This gives us the confidence to continue to move forward with this important base funding secured.  Also, good news is our success with the Immediate Works Grant to upgrade our Darwin office with a focus on improved community, counselling and support areas that will commence in November this year.  These works may cause some inconvenience in the short term but the outcome will be a much more client focused and user friendly space for the community.

This eNews will update you on our newest staff members and the qualities and skills they bring to us.  It will also let you know of the great work we have been doing in our community aiming to educate and inform Territorians about cancer risks and early detection. 

I admit we are challenged, our statistics show Australians are being diagnosed at the highest rates of cancer incidence in the world in some cancers  – Bowel Cancer particularly– and we Territorians are being challenged more by our lack of services and environmental issues. But we are a true local driven by you, our community, and we will continue to provide services and support.

Please consider donating to the Cancer Council NT or participating in some of our great fundraisers.  These funds directly enable us to put our hand out to those impacted by cancer and offer them your support. 

Cancer Council NT mission has been constant To Reduce the Impact of Cancer on Territorians I look forward to hearing from you with your suggestions how we can better achieve this.

Enjoy the read,

Kathy Sadler
CEO, Cancer Council NT

Cancer Council NT eNews - June 2017