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Cancer Council NT's first March eNews for 2016

March 1, 2016


CEO Update

Welcome to our first eNews for 2016.  Cancer Council NT is again enriched with the energy and strength of the Northern Territory community to offer another full year’s service and support to those impacted by cancer.
This year we will continue to provide services through both our established ways and also continuing to evaluate and implement different ways and different channels to reach as many people as we can. Addressing growing demand we have increased our cancer support groups to a current total of 9, each with a different focus or area of need.  Alongside these are our peer to peer support and telephone support services. Professional counselling - face to face or by phone - has continued to provide guidance. Our public forums are providing an opportunity for Territorians to hear quality cancer information and learn about services available in their own community.  Along with innovative lifestyle services, we actively seek opportunities to offer Territorians services to assist their own or their loved one's cancer journey.  With this, is the need to work with our health services, specialist providers and allied health teams to encourage best practice and to ensure current cancer treatments and opportunities are made available to all Territorians. The dedicated medical professionals in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs treatment centres have our gratitude for the high quality of service and care they provide to those undergoing cancer treatment. Cancer Council NT will continue to foster and grow these vital relationships aiming to further enhance cancer services in the Territory.

Last year we increased our reach with the assistance of community donations. This year we are looking to work with government actively to improve cancer services, deliver more cancer awareness sessions both within our major centres and outside and to make more people aware of the ways to minimise their cancer risk. We also want to raise awareness about our Cancer Information and Support Services available for those who are currently on their cancer journey.  A well informed community is best placed to have more positive outcomes and the ability to address the increasing incidence of cancer.

I hope you enjoy our first eNews.  Cancer Council NT may seem like a small team - paid full time equivalent of 10 people based in 3 offices.  It could appear daunting addressing our Northern Territory cancer needs with so few but Cancer Council NT count our clients and their families and the many cancer survivors and their supporters that live in our communities as part of  the Cancer Council NT side and that makes us a very, very big team. 

I thank each member of our team for your efforts and look forward to working with you all again this year to reduce the impact of cancer on all Territorians.

Kathy Sadler
CEO, Cancer Council NT

Cancer Council NT eNews - March 2016