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#CancerKindness: A tribute to Ayman Barbaresco

July 29, 2020

#CancerKindness: A tribute to Ayman Barbaresco | Cancer Council Australia

The #CancerKindness campaign is a collaboration between Cancer Council Australia and The Kindness Pandemic that aims to shine a light on the experiences of people affected by cancer and their carers during COVID-19, and offer practical ways for the community to support them. The campaign is running from 27 July – 9 August, 2020.

COVID-19 has brought uncertainty and unpredictability to the lives of all of us, so imagine facing cancer at the same time. While most people who contract COVID-19 will experience a relatively mild illness, for people with cancer whose immune system may be compromised, the risk of a severe response is significantly greater. This has meant many people affected by cancer have endured long periods of physical distancing and the added anxiety of COVID-19 at what is already an incredibly challenging time. Thankfully, acts of kindness can help make their journey easier.

The #CancerKindness campaign was founded by Ayman Barbaresco, who was passionate about supporting people affected by cancer. Ayman lived with cancer all his life and died just before the campaign launched. To honour his legacy, we are calling on the community to carry out an act of kindness for someone affected by cancer and share it on social media using the hashtag #CancerKindness.

How to participate:

Use the checklists below to identify what you can do to support someone affected by cancer, or share how you helped someone you love with an act of kindness during their cancer journey.

  • Share your story with us through the Kindness Pandemic Facebook Group and use the hashtag #CancerKindness so we can find your post. Alternatively, you can email your story here or post it on your own Instagram or Facebook page.


Who you’ll be helping

Sometimes help with simple and practical tasks can make a world of difference to someone affected by cancer – grocery shopping, picking up medications, dropping off a meal. Now, more than ever, is the time to stop and ask someone you know with cancer or a cancer carer, if they heed a helping hand.

You can show #CancerKindness to people like Hayley, Annette and Sheree. Read their stories here:

Find out more about the #CancerKindness campaign