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Vale Professor Umberto Veronesi MD OMRI

November 11, 2016


Oncology surgeon and researcher Umberto Veronesi sadly passed away in Milan this week. Professor Veronesi was a pioneer of modern breast cancer treatment and was widely admired in the global cancer community. 

Throughout his life and career he made an extraordinary contribution to cancer control as an oncology surgeon, researcher, director of the Italian National Cancer Institute, founder of the European Institute and Italian Ministry of Health. He also headed up many of the world’s leading cancer agencies including President of the International Union Against Cancer Control, European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer, Federation of European Cancer Societies and more recently set up the Fondazione Veronesi to promote "Science for Peace". 

He was awarded several prestigious awards throughout his career including "Honoris Causa" in Medicine, Medical Biotechnologies, Agricultural Sciences and Pedagogical Sciences from several universities around the world. 

Umberto Veronesi authored more than 790 scientific publications and was a champion for public health, campaigning against tobacco, promoting a healthy lifestyle and much more. 

He was particularly noted for his contribution to modern breast cancer treatment where he pioneered conservative treatments of breast cancer, allowing some women with early breast cancer to forgo mastectomy. 

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