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Cancer Council recommends consumers discontinue using Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen SPF50+ 110ml batch number 1103178 and Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen SPF50+ 200ml batch number 1099751. Click here for more information or to apply for a refund.

Personal cancer story

Bev Drechsler

Everybody knows someone who has had cancer. I lost my sister, my aunty, my grandmother, my cousin and two friends to it. It's an awful disease, and I feel we should all do what we can to help Cancer Council fight it.

Bev Drechsler

That's why I added a gift to Cancer Council in my will in 2002, and renewed my will last year to add more. It brings me comfort to know that I'm doing my bit, and that someone else may not have to go through what my loved ones and my friends went through.

It doesn't matter how big or small your bequest is, it could save someone's life. Maybe somebody you love.

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