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Personal cancer story

Doreen Flynn

Three generations affected by cancer

We all know somebody affected by cancer; sadly for Doreen, she watched three generations of her family fight this dreadful disease.

Doreen Flynn

Doreen's husband James Flynn was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, however due to cancer research major surgery was possible, which gave him five more years of life after the diagnosis. Sadly, James Flynn passed away in December 2008. The research used to conduct James' major surgery may not have produced a cure, but it did give some control over the cancer and a prolonged life.

Their son Timothy was only 53 when he lost his battle against bladder cancer in September 2013. Heartbreakingly, at the same time he was supporting his son Nicholas who was also battling cancer.

Without cancer research my husband would not have been here to see his two lovely great-grandsons."

Doreen Flynn

Mrs Flynn emphasises "research needs to get funded constantly" to continue progression at Cancer Council so the "hard work will help others in the future" like it helped Nicholas. Doreen is incredibly thankful for her grandson's recovery who is now 24 and well.

Along this difficult journey, Doreen has found solace in the services available from Cancer Council, she says they have been very close to her and supported her in every way.

Doreen made the decision to leave a gift to Cancer Council in her will.

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