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Cancer Council has been advised that two batches of Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 50+ contain small traces of benzene and therefore is advising consumers to discontinue using products from these batches.

Sunscreens sold in Australia are strictly regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as pharmaceutical products and are safe and effective in the prevention of skin cancer. Cancer Council’s range of sunscreen products are all manufactured and tested in accordance with these strict TGA requirements, as per the Australian Regulatory Guidelines for Sunscreens.   

During recent compliance testing, our manufacturer identified an unexpected presence of benzene in an isolated quantity of raw material used to produce one of Cancer Council’s products. Benzene is strictly regulated by the TGA, with permitted residual levels of less than 2 parts per million.   

Testing has shown two batches of Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 50+ in 110ml and 200ml contain residual benzene levels of 2.1 parts per million, slightly above the allowable limit set by the TGA.  

While the levels of benzene in these two batches are above the allowable limit under Australian standards, the TGA confirms that the health risk to consumers who may have used these products is extremely low.    

The TGA takes a conservative approach when setting limits for benzene and similar products and Australians who have used product from the affected batches should not be concerned. The limits are based on the potential health impacts to an individual of using the maximum recommended amount of product that contains 2 parts per million of benzene every day for 70 years.


Cancer Council is recalling the affected batches of product:   

Product Name  Batch Number  Expiry Date  
Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 50+ 110ML (Tube)  1103178  1/02/2024  
Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 50+ 200ml (Pump)  1099751  1/10/2023  

Consumers who have purchased products with these batch numbers should discontinue using them, and contact the Consumer Helpline on 1300 364 515 or visit to apply for a refund.

Cancer Council take its obligations to consumer safety very seriously and consumers should feel confident that products made and supplied by Cancer Council are safe for use.   


Skin cancer is Australia’s national cancer with 2 in 3 Australians being diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime and around 2,000 Australians dying of skin cancer each year. For this reason, it is important Australians continue to use all five forms of sun protection. Cancer Council encourages all Australians to remember to Slip on sun protective clothing, Slop on SPF 30 or higher, broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen, Slap on a broad-brimmed hat, Seek shade and Slide on sunglasses whenever the UV is 3 or above.