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Read Cancer Council Australia’s Annual Report

Cancer Council Australia’s 2019-20 Annual Report provides information about our achievements and impact and how we worked towards our vision of a cancer free future in the 2019-20 Financial Year.

As a federated organisation, Cancer Council is active in each state and territory. Cancer Council Australia is the national organisation and works to support our members, the state and territory Cancer Councils.

As well as highlighting the work of Cancer Council Australia, our Annual Report brings together highlights from across the country to demonstrate Cancer Council’s collective national impact across cancer prevention, support and research.

Cancer Council Australia’s Financial Report

As a charity, Cancer Council Australia produces an audited Annual Financial Report detailing our income and expenses for the Financial Year.

Please note that all donations received by Cancer Council Australia are distributed to our State and Territory Cancer Councils to help fund their local investment in cancer research, prevention and support. This local investment is reported in our member’s Financial Reports.

Cancer Council Australia’s Financial Report only captures our income and expenses in relation to our national activities.

For more detail on Cancer Council financial investment in your local area, you might also be interested to read the Annual Report from your local State or Territory Cancer Council. You can do this via their local website.

Cancer Council Australia's financial reports from previous years can be found here:

Want to know more about Cancer Council’s impact and how your money helps?

Cancer Council is the only charity that works across every area of every cancer, from research to prevention and support. Today, almost 7 in 10 Australians will survive at least 5 years after a cancer diagnosis, and with the ongoing help of the community, we’ll continue working to bring us closer to a cancer free future, faster.

You can learn more about the discoveries being made by Cancer Council funded researchers, the impact of our prevention programs, and the ways in which we’re supporting people affected by cancer every minute, every hour, every day.

Every day, we support people affected by cancer when they need it most