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Alison  Lai

Alison Lai

CEO, Cancer Council Tasmania

When you first meet Alison, you will no doubt observe her as someone with a quiet demeanour and calm confidence.  

But hiding behind the soft voice, and measured comments is a fierce change-maker who is a deep thinker of thoughts and feeler of feelings – these are elements of Alison you will enjoy if you are lucky enough to get to know her more. 

Alison’s natural curiosity and thoughtful consideration lead to astute insights, which she communicates with great care and compassion. 

Alison has had a long career in the Tasmanian Government and community services sector, leading and learning at every level. She is a hard worker and creative problem-solver, with fairness and equality for all Tasmanians always at the front of her mind. 

Despite her many career and academic achievements, Alison is just about as ‘real’ as CEOs get. Fondly referring to herself as ‘sophisticated ocker’, Alison’s passion for sport, her endless collection of Christmas jumpers, and a good laugh means fun is never far away. 

Career highlights: 

  • Being CEO of the Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council, and CEO of Volunteering Tasmania
  • Formal recognition for raising professionalism and showing leadership in the Volunteering, Sport and Recreation, and Alcohol and Other Drugs sectors 
  • Acceptance into the Social Impact Leadership Australia program 
  • Completing her Bachelor of Commerce with Honours (marketing and entrepreneurship) 
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