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Future Fund

All Cancers. All Tasmanians. 

Future Fund

Over nine Tasmanians will be diagnosed with cancer today, and every day after this one. 

This 9 adds to the 23,000 Tasmanians already living with or who have had a cancer diagnosis. National research indicates that this figure is going to increase by 70% to over 15 people per day by the year 2040, meaning 1 in 18 of us will be living with a personal history of cancer.  

On current population growth, this equates to over 40,000 Tasmanians.  

Currently Cancer Council Tasmania provides over 8000 occasions of cancer-related support. In 2040, that number will need to increase to over 13,000 to meet demand for our support services brought about by the increased number of diagnoses.  

Cancer is not going away and we need to be there
for Tasmanians impacted by it.  

90% of our funds come from the community and allow us to operate the business. Unfortunately, Cancer Council Tasmania operates in a competitive charity sector due to the large number of not-for-profit organisations who are all seeking donations from principally the same segment of the Tasmanian public - only a small pool of around 183,000.  

We cannot continue to rely on donations and fundraising activities alone to meet the increasing demand for our services.  

Tasmania will have a far greater need for cancer support services in the future and we need to take action now.

  • Tasmania has the highest rates of bowel cancer diagnosis and mortality of any State or Territory.   
  • Tasmania has the second highest mortality rate from cancer, after the Northern Territory*.  
  • Tasmania has the second highest cancer incidence rate in the nation, after Queensland*.  

*These are age-standardised rates. 

The Future Fund: 

building capacity, services and infrastructure 

Cancer Council Tasmania is a charity working to minimise the incidence and impact of cancer on all Tasmanians through research, advocacy, raising awareness of cancer prevention and offering support and information for anyone affected by the disease. Cancer Council Tasmania is not defined by one cancer.  

Having cancer is much more than the clinical treatment. Cancer Council Tasmania supports Tasmanians impacted by cancer by providing individual, group-based and practical support to people affected by a cancer diagnosis. This occurs through access to professional staff and a broad range of programs and services such as facilitated support groups, transport to treatment, financial assistance, educational scholarships for adolescents and young adults, a wig library and complementary support programs, all of which are offered in the three regions of Tasmania. Cancer  

Council Tasmania operates state-wide and provides no cost support services to assist people living with cancer-related issues and needs. 

The purpose of the Future Fund is to secure the sustainability of Cancer Council Tasmania so that in future years there will be substantial earnings which will be reinvested back into our capacity, services and infrastructure.  

It is a new initiative for Cancer Council Tasmania that focuses on long-term investment. The Future Fund will be an investment fund, invested prudently but wisely to ensure substantial growth.  

The Future Fund will grow from contributions made by major donors and philanthropists. It will be supplemented by the reallocation of funds received from significant bequests and cash reserves as appropriate and Board approval.  

Expenditure from the Future Fund will be in accordance with the rules of the Future Fund which are documented in the Cancer Council Tasmania Constitution.  

The Future Fund is governed by the Cancer Council Tasmania Board and in compliance with the Cancer Council Tasmania Investment Policy. The policy includes the ability to invest in defensive and growth assets on advice from an independent investment advisor. 

$10 million in 10 years 

We invite you to contribute to our Future Fund and to leave a lasting legacy for the work Cancer Council Tasmania will need to undertake for future generations of Tasmanians.   

How we can thank you 

Not everyone wishes to be publicly acknowledged, but we will work with you to recognise the contribution you have made. Beyond thanking you, there may be ways that you would like to be recognised for your contribution. This could be through:  

  • The Annual Impact Report 
  • Website acknowledgement 
  • Public recognition at an agreed event 
  • Invitations to public talks and thank you events  
  • A copy of our Annual Impact Report accompanied by an update from the CEO 
  • Bi-monthly newsletter 
  • Naming rights for specific activities or events*.  

*Cancer Council Tasmania is guided by the Australian Tax Office and our Charity Tax Concession Status in relation to naming rights. 

The most important asset any of us has in this life is our health and well-being. Sadly, we often don’t recognise this until it is taken away. Cancer is an illness that most of us will be touched by, in some way, at some point in our lives. Cancer Council Tasmania is an organisation providing a vitally important service assisting our people to cope with and manage through an extremely difficult time in their life. "

Royce Fairbrother
Chairman, Fairbrother Constructions | Independent Chairman, Cancer Council Tasmania’s Future Fund

“I’ve learnt from many years working with various government, private and philanthropic organisations, the most effective way to solve a problem is to begin by accepting ownership and then to develop a solution and look for people to help you solve the problem." 

"That’s the thinking behind the establishment of Cancer Council Tasmania’s Future Fund. It is a proactive solution aimed at providing long term and ongoing financial assistance to support their operations and provide people with a way to make a financial donation that will continue to give back for the long term. "

Our goal is to achieve a $10 million base for the fund over a ten-year period. That base will then financially support Cancer Council Tasmania and help to ensure they can continue their work supporting the people of Tasmania through a very difficult time in their life."

Royce Fairbrother is Chairman of Fairbrothers Construction. He is a highly successful Tasmanian with vast experience in achieving philanthropic goals and furthering community spirit. Royce established the Fairbrother Foundation in 2007 as a not-for-profit organisation with the intent to provide an avenue for donations from the Fairbrother family, business, employees and other key stakeholders to give back to areas of need in our communities. 

Royce’s business background and Foundation management experience makes him a valuable asset of the Cancer Council Tasmania’s Future Fund.

A message from our CEO

Cancer impacts your entire life. It changes your body and mind. It affects your family and community. It affects Tasmania. This is where Cancer Council Tasmania comes in. "

Penny Egan
CEO, Cancer Council Tasmania

"We work tirelessly in Tasmania to make a significant difference to those impacted by cancer in our community. No other organisation is working across all cancers and all ages. Our reach into the community is varied and widespread. Every year we reach, support and inform thousands of Tasmanians. " 

"Our prevention programs educate to lessen the likelihood of a cancer diagnosis. We invest in research to inhibit the disease and its impact. We promote cancer awareness through our extensive events program and social networks. " 

"However, we have a major challenge on the horizon. We must build our future capacity to deal with predicted rises in cancer prevalence and impact on our community. " 

"The statistics are worrying and we need to take control of our future now. " 

"Securing our future requires long-term investment through the development of a Future Fund. The fund will protect against a fluctuating and contracting community fundraising environment, and ensure our future capacity to be here for the Tasmanian community. " 

"The earnings from the Future Fund will allow investment into new programs and services and increase our ability to extend the reach of services across the State. The Future Fund could also contribute towards infrastructure such as cancer support centres if there was a need to expand our operations to cater for the demand. " 

"I invite you to consider becoming a contributor to the Future Fund. Our mission is to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer in Tasmania and your financial investment will assist us to achieve this in the future ahead. " 

We are here for all Tasmanians impacted by cancer. As a trusted charity operating since 1995, we have created a valued service for the Tasmanian community. We have a responsibility to safeguard our capacity to do so in the future. However, we cannot do it alone. I welcome any opportunity to discuss the Future Fund further. "

Cancer Council Tasmania

A leader in the charity sector with demonstrated financial capability 


Cancer Council Tasmania is governed by a regionally representative Board comprised of 10 Directors. The Future Fund Advisory Committee is a constituted Sub-Committee of the Board. The Committee members are non Board Directors and provide advice to the Cancer Council Tasmania Board. The purpose of the Committee is to:  

• advise the Board on issues related to the development and growth of the Fund, 

• ensure that the funds are properly invested and managed 

• ensure that the funds are expended in accordance with the Rules of the Fund to support research, cancer prevention education and support services and activities.  

The organisation’s Chief Executive Officer and the management team all hold professional qualifications. The organisation provides services state-wide with a physical presence in three regions of the state. The majority of services are provided by staff with over 450 volunteers assisting in a range of fundraising and support activities. 

Financial sustainability 

Cancer Council Tasmania has a strong balance sheet due to the physical ownership of the northern and southern cancer support centres. Cash reserves are oversighted by the Cancer Council Tasmania Cash Reserves Policy with the prime objective of annual increases from cash profits and significant growth from the Future Fund.  

The operating budget, excluding State and Commonwealth Government contributions towards specific programs, is over $4.0 million per annum. These funds are sought from donations and fundraising events and underpinned by bequest income. Cancer Council Tasmania's Marketing and Bequest strategies are built upon continual engagement and building of relationships with our donors and the public, and providing assurances of the funds being retained and expended in Tasmania. 

From all of us at Cancer Council Tasmania, thank you for your consideration.  

A phone call or face-to-face discussion is always welcome. To learn more about this opportunity and the work of Cancer Council Tasmania, please contact Penny Egan, Chief Executive Officer, on +61 (03) 6169 1900 or 

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