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Many popular sports experience their highest participation rates between September and April, and May and August, when the UV reaches damaging levels. During these months, sun protection is required. In some parts of Australia, the UV levels are always high. It's a good idea to check UV levels daily, either via the SunSmart app or on the Bureau of Meteorology website. 

Sporting clubs  

Event Organisers have a responsibility to meet WH&S (workplace health and safety) standards by providing participants, patrons, staff and volunteers with protection from over exposure to UV radiation from the sun. Sun protection is easy but requires some planning to ensure that everyone has the information and resources they need to keep safe. 

When UV levels are below 3, sun protection generally isn’t required when exercising or playing sport. For example, UV levels between April and September are, on average, below 3, so for these months people may not need sun protection. In fact this is a good time to go without sun protection to get a safe level of UV exposure to help with vitamin D levels, unless you are near highly reflective surfaces like snow or spending extended periods outdoors (e.g. training for or competing in endurance events). 

Tips for being a SunSmart sporting club 

Sun protection policy 

Have a policy? Send it in, we will happily help review and update your current policy. 

Need a policy? We can help you develop and implement a sun protection policy to suit your needs. 

A good UV policy should: 

  • Promote the use of SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen. If possible, consider having a supply on site. 
  • Run information sessions for club members and coaches about skin cancer and sun protection. 
  • Promote and use the SunSmart UV Alert by adding the widget onto the club’s website or ordering an outdoor facilities SunSmart sign. 
  • Schedule training times, competitions and outdoor events outside the daily sun protection times when possible. 
  • Promote sun protection during the course of the event or game. 
  • Plan and provide shade and encourage players and spectators to take advantage of shade. 
  • Encourage players and spectators to come with sunscreen, clothing, shade, hats and sunglasses. 
  • Encourage club ‘sports stars’, coaches and club officials to be sun protection role models. 

Sun Protective Clothing

Find out more here about sun protective clothing:


Does your club provide adequate shade? Shade is an important component of sun protection and crucial to a complete sun protection strategy. Shade can be portable or permanent, year round or seasonal. To find out of you have enough shade take the Shade Audit

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