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27 February 2020

Tobacco companies use loopholes in legislation to influence cigarette sales: new research

New Cancer Council research has revealed how tobacco companies influence cigarette sales through offering incentives and benefits to retailers like price discounts, cash payments, prizes and gifts such as event tickets, gift cards, coupons.

20 February 2020

Parents right to worry about e-cigarettes and kids, says Cancer Council

New research highlighting parents’ concerns about the availability and promotion of e-cigarettes to teenagers supports the need for further action to protect young people, Cancer Council Australia said today.

17 February 2020

2 in 3 Aussie adults still bronzed

New data released today shows that while fewer Aussie adults are deliberately seeking a tan, many continue to have tanned skin as a result of sun exposure, increasing their risk of skin cancer.

5 February 2020

Global survey highlights actions Australians want on cancer

This World Cancer Day (Tuesday 4 February), Cancer Council Australia is calling for more action to reduce inequities in cancer outcomes, following a new global survey showing nearly half (45%) of all Australians believe Government should be doing more to make cancer services more affordable.

28 January 2020

Leading health groups welcome new recommendations for embedding smoking cessation in healthcare

Cancer Council Australia and Quit Victoria have welcomed new smoking cessation recommendations released today by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, saying the latest guide highlights the crucial role of health professionals in supporting smokers to quit and notes there is insufficient evidence to endorse the use of e-cigarettes for cessation.

19 December 2019

Power tools and asbestos don’t mix – especially at Christmas

Power tools are always a popular choice at Christmas for DIY enthusiasts, but this year Cancer Council is encouraging gift recipients to do a free online course to minimise the risk of asbestos related disease in the future.

19 December 2019

Cancer Council research shows sun mistakes putting Aussies at risk

With the UV index at extreme levels and many Australians aiming to beat the nationwide heatwave, Cancer Council Australia is reminding Australians to be vigilant about their sun protection.

3 December 2019

Bowel cancer campaigns could save over 4300 Australian lives

Cancer Council Australia calls for extended Government investment to continue to increase screening program participation.

2 December 2019

Independent experts back stronger government stance on e-cigarette threat

Leading independent health groups have backed a whole-of-government statement issued today highlighting concerns about “the direct harms e‐cigarettes pose to human health”.

29 November 2019

Limiting alcohol could prevent almost 30,000 cancer cases

As the festive season approaches Cancer Council is encouraging Australians to moderate their alcohol intake, with research showing nearly 30,000 cancer cases could be prevented over the next 25 years if all Australians stuck to the government’s alcohol guidelines of no more than two standard drinks per day.

26 November 2019

New guidelines for Australia's 'national cancer'

Australians with keratinocyte (non-melanoma) skin cancers will be benefit from the release of new clinical guidelines launched today, providing the latest advice on prevention, diagnosis and treatment. 

17 November 2019

Half a million Australian teenagers sunburnt on summer weekends

Australasian College of Dermatologists and Cancer Council empower teens to #ownyourtone during National Skin Cancer Action Week 

Cancer Council is encouraging teens to be SunSmart this National Skin Cancer Action Week, with new research released today showing one in four (26 per cent) teenagers are getting sunburnt on summer weekends.

28 October 2019

Cancer Council calls on workplaces to do more to help prevent skin cancers

Cancer Council resource “Skin cancer and outdoor work” provides latest advice for employers

Cancer Council Australia is calling on more Australian workplaces to implement sun protection policies, following new research that shows that 38 percent of outdoor workers aren’t properly protected on the job.

22 October 2019

New report highlights the $137 billion cost of smoking

Cancer Council welcomes increased government investment in tobacco control to save lives and money. 

22 October 2019

New silica resources launched during Safe Work Month

Australia’s leading cancer charity has joined forces with the global body for workplace health and safety professionals to raise awareness of the risks of silica dust and prevent people’s lives being threatened by exposure to it.

21 October 2019

Leading cancer experts recognised for their lifetime contribution

The Cancer Council Medal for Distinguished service has been awarded to two of Australia’s leading cancer experts.

24 September 2019

1 in 6 teens consume over 5kg of sugar per year from sugary drinks

Cancer Council calls sour on sugary drinks.

Cancer Council is calling for a national campaign to reduce teenagers’ consumption of sugary drinks with new research showing one in six (17 per cent) teenagers consume at least 5.2 kilograms of sugar each year from sugary drinks alone.

13 September 2019

Kids’ fast food meals no healthier despite high rates of childhood obesity: new research

New research by Cancer Council NSW has revealed that children’s fast food meals sold in NSW have not improved between 2011 and 2016 even though one in four children are overweight or obese.

12 September 2019

New international research shows Australia leads the world in cancer survival

New research examines cancer survival rates in seven high-income countries

Cancer Council has welcomed a new study that shows Australians diagnosed with cancer have the best chance of survival in the world, but stressed survival rates remain too low for some cancer types.

4 September 2019

Cancer Council applauds Minister Hunt’s strong stance on e-cigarettes

Cancer Council has applauded federal Health Minister Greg Hunt for his continued strong stance on e-cigarettes, in the face of increasingly aggressive tobacco industry lobbying to push e-cigarettes despite growing evidence of their harms.

2 September 2019

New data shows young unvaccinated women also more likely to miss cervical screening

New data released today shows that young women who aren’t vaccinated against HPV are also less likely to participate in cervical screening, presenting a new challenge in the quest to eliminate cervical cancer, according to Cancer Council Australia. 

30 August 2019

A Father’s Day reminder to dads to protect themselves as well as their kids

Australia’s UV levels on the rise as Spring commences.

A new national Cancer Council study examining role modelling and sun protection behaviours of Australian adults highlights that fathers are regularly protecting their children but aren’t as good at protecting themselves.

23 August 2019

Cancer Council welcomes funding as liver cancer rates skyrocket

Cancer Council Australia has welcomed the announcement of $780,000 in federal government funding to address Australia’s rapidly increasing liver cancer rates and deaths.

20 August 2019

Support the Daffodil Day Appeal and give more than hope this August

Cancer Council is urging Australians to show their support for the Daffodil Day Appeal this August by donating to life-saving research to give more than hope to those affected by cancer.

31 July 2019

Australia’s disadvantaged fall behind in bowel cancer

New Cancer Council analysis has shown Australians living in our most disadvantaged areas have significantly higher bowel cancer incidence rates and are being left behind in bowel cancer screening, compared to the most advantaged Australians.

3 June 2019

Cancer Council asks, “5.5 million poo tests. Have you had yours?”

50-54 year olds neglecting to participate in National Bowel Cancer Screening Program

Cancer Council has launched a renewed call for all Australians aged 50-74 to complete their free bowel screening test, following new data released today showing that still few Australians are taking part in the program – particularly in the youngest eligible cohort.

31 May 2019

Survey finds worrying increase in popularity of roll-your-own tobacco amongst Australian teens

Latest stats show that teenage smoking rates have declined, but roll-your-own tobacco remains a threat

Cancer Council is calling for Governments to take action to protect adolescents from tobacco industry influence, following the release of new data showing the popularity of roll-your-own tobacco use amongst teens has recently increased.

2 May 2019

Cancer Council: Labor commitment to tackling obesity, alcohol could help prevent thousands of cancer cases

Federal Labor’s election commitment to addressing Australia’s growing obesity problem and risky alcohol consumption could help prevent thousands of cancer cases according to Cancer Council Australia. 

13 April 2019

 Opposition’s skin cancer prevention campaign would save lives and money

Getting slip, slap, slop, seek, slide back on the agenda

The federal Opposition’s plan for an $8.6 million national sun protection awareness campaign would significantly reduce the social and economic costs of skin cancer, according to Cancer Council Australia.

11 April 2019

Cancer charities welcome Opposition’s $10m plan for reducing bill shock

Leading cancer charities have welcomed the federal Opposition’s plan to help protect patients from the shock of unexpected medical costs through a $10 million plan to embed informed financial consent into the health system.

10 April 2019

 Opposition’s $40m plan to revive national anti-smoking campaign could save 55,000 lives

Cancer Council Australia has commended the federal Opposition for its $40 million commitment to revive Australia’s landmark National Tobacco Campaign, which could prevent more than 55,000 deaths and save at least $740 million in healthcare costs.

 05 April 2019

Reducing smoking rates by 10% by 2025 could prevent almost 100,000 lung cancer deaths

Cancer Council calls on governments to revive tobacco campaigns to reduce Australians risk of lung cancer

New Cancer Council research shows 100,000 lung cancer deaths could be avoided this century if smoking rates are reduced to 10% by 2025, prompting calls for renewed Government action in tobacco control.

04 April 2019

Cancer Council welcomes federal Opposition’s ‘landmark’ $2.3b cancer care plan

Cancer Council Australia has welcomed the federal Opposition’s $2.3 billion commitment to reduce cancer inequities through strengthening Medicare and the public hospital system and fast-tracking drug subsidies.

22 March 2019

Closing the gap in Australia's second biggest cancer killer

Cancer Council has launched a new campaign to encourage more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to take part in Australia’s free national bowel screening program.

14 March 2019

Promoting bowel cancer screening key to saving lives and driving health system efficiency

Cancer Council Australia is encouraging all eligible Australians to participate in the nation’s free National Bowel Cancer Screening Program as the best way to prevent bowel cancer deaths and gain new efficiencies in colonoscopy use.

04 March 2019

Cancer Council aims to combat nation’s second biggest cancer killer

With only four in 10 eligible Australians participating in Australia’s National Bowel Cancer Screening Program, Cancer Council has launched an urgent call for more Australians to complete the free life-saving test.

04 February 2019

200,000 cancers could be avoided over 25 years if Australians get active and maintain a healthy weight

New Cancer Council Australia funded research has shown over 200,000 cancer cases could be avoided in Australia over the next 25 years if all Australian adults maintained a healthy weight and met the physical activity guidelines for cancer prevention.

25 January 2019

Peak health bodies recommend new approach to sunscreen use

The peak bodies responsible for sun safety advice in Australia and New Zealand have adopted a new policy on sunscreen use, recommending that people apply it daily as part of a regular morning routine.

18 January 2019

Cancer Council welcomes $10 million Government investment in bowel cancer

Cancer Council Australia has welcomed an unprecedented investment by the Federal Government to help tackle Australia’s second biggest cancer killer – bowel cancer.

18 November 2018

Tanning teens still seek the sun

New research released today by Cancer Council Australia has shown the message that there's nothing healthy about a tan is still not reaching the majority of Aussie teens, with an alarming 62% saying their friends think a tan is a good thing.

15 November 2018

Cancer charities call for better disclosure on cost of treatment

Australia's leading cancer charities have joined together to call for greater commitment and transparency from doctors and healthcare providers to help inform patients about the cost of cancer treatment.

01 November 2018

Cancer Council Australia Welcomes Singapore's Standardised Packaging Tobacco Reforms

Australia's leading cancer charity, Cancer Council Australia has congratulated a move by the Singaporean Ministry of Health to introduce standardised packaging and enlarged health warnings on tobacco products.

03 October 2018

Australia set to eliminate cervical cancer by 2035

Australia is set to become the first country in the world to eliminate cervical cancer following the success of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination program and the changes to the National Cervical Screening Program.

25 September 2018 Australian Cancer Atlas unpacks cancer burden by locality

Australians can now discover the impact of cancer in their suburb or town, with the launch of a new cutting-edge Australian Cancer Atlas.

25 September 2018

Australia must lead on UN plan to cut chronic disease deaths by one-third by 2030

Health groups are urging the Australian Government to step up its commitment to chronic disease prevention, as world leaders prepare for a UN High-level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) this week.

10 August 2018

Cancer Council commends change to food labelling system

Australians will be able to make more informed choices when selecting packaged foods and drinks, thanks to an improvement to the Health Star Rating food label system announced by all Australian and New Zealand governments.

1 August 2018

$388 billion reasons to get anti-smoking campaigns back on the public agenda

 newstudy estimating that smoking causes $388 billion in long-term productivity losses in Australia should be a wake-up call to get anti-smoking mass media campaigns back on the public agenda, Cancer Council Australia said today.

27 July 2018

Aussie men urged to be aware of head and neck cancers

With estimates suggesting that over 4,900 Australians were diagnosed with a head or neck cancer last year, experts are encouraging Australians, particularly men, to become aware of the symptoms and risk factors, including tobacco, alcohol and the human papilloma virus (HPV).

25 May 2018

Evidence drives sweeping changes to melanoma treatment recommendations

Updated national clinical guidelines recommend not performing major lymph node surgery routinely for low-volume melanoma in lymph nodes, and active drug therapies asstandardfor advanced melanoma.

9 April 2018

Celebrate 25 years of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea with Cancer Council

For 25 years, Cancer Council's Australia's Biggest Morning Tea has brought together millions of Australians over a cuppa and a bite to eat in support for those affected by cancer. 

19 March 2018

9 in 10 Australians don't know when they need sun protection

Australians could be unknowingly increasing their skin cancer risk, with new data released by Cancer Council today showing that 40 percent of Australians are still confused about which weather factors cause sunburn.

9 March 2018

 Cancer Council welcomes new support for low survival cancers

Cancer Council Australia has welcomed the Federal Government's $10 million investment into research for low survival cancers and diseases. 

1 February 2018

Number of Australians living with or beyond cancer to surge 72% by 2040: 1 in 18 Australians will have a personal history of cancer

Newreport shows that the increase in the number of Australians living with and surviving cancer will lead to almost 1.9 million Australians living with a personal history of cancer by 2040.


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