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Information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Cancer Council NSW and Menzies School of Health Research have developed fact sheets about cancer for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. These resources were also developed in conjunction with a Clinical Advisory Group and an Indigenous Consultation Group. They include information on cancer types, treatment and common cancer terms.

Learn more about how Cancer Council researchers are bridging the cancer care gap for Aboriginal Australians.

Cancer terms

What is cancer?

Provides information on cancer facts, cancer growth, differences between tumours and who you can speak to after a diagnosis. Download here.

Understanding cancer talk

This fact sheet offers a glossary of key terms doctors may use about cancer, treatment and the roles of people who work with cancer. Download here.

Cancer types

The following booklets will help explain to you the cancer type, how it will be diagnosed, the treatment you may have and its effects on your body.

Cancer treatment


Explains what surgery is, the different types, why it is used in cancer treatment and short and long term effects. Download here.


This fact sheet explains radiotherapy as a cancer treatment, why it is needed, how it is given and how it will affect your body. Download here.


Provides information on chemotherapy as a cancer treatment, explains how it works and the effects treatment may have on you. Download here.

Cancer support

What men should know about cancer

This fact sheet has information on common cancers that affect men including symptoms to look for. Download here.

Help getting to treatment

Gives tips for getting to and from your cancer treatment with your own care or with community transport. Download here.

Help with money

This fact sheets provides tips for help with money issues including hardship programs, concessions and loans. Download here.

How can I help?

This fact sheet gives tips on how to support family or friends with cancer including practical help and emotional support. Download here.

For more information

View more Cancer Booklets including information on treatment making decision and links to professional and community support.

For support and information on cancer and cancer-related issues, call Cancer Council 13 11 20. This is a confidential service.

How you can help

You can support Cancer Council by:

  • volunteering your time
  • participating in an event or
  • making a donation to help fund our cancer research, education and support services.

This page was last updated on: Friday, April 12, 2019

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