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Smoking and tobacco

Tobacco smoking is the largest preventable cause of cancer, responsible for more cancer deaths in Australia than any other single factor. It is also directly responsible for many heart and lung diseases. Smoking affects the smoker, as well as those around them.

Here you will find information on the effects of smoking, help with stopping smoking and details of Cancer Council's work to reduce the harm caused by tobacco.

More information about smoking and tobacco is available in Cancer Council's fact sheet on stop smoking and tobacco control position statements.

Learn more about how Cancer Council researchers are helping Australia in leading the world in tobacco control.

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Tobacco smoking is the largest preventable cause of death and disease in Australia.
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Quitting smoking

Find out how to quit smoking, including useful tips in our stop smoking fact sheet.
More about quitting smoking


E-cigarettes, are battery operated devices that heat a liquid to produce a vapour that users inhale. Find out more here.
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